The Secret Toolkit for Positioning Your Architecture Firm

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel Architecture. Image by Jay George / Pixabay.

As an architect you need to be seen as “special.” The process of appearing as special and as “the best” is part art and part science. PR companies, politicians and celebrities know this game very well.

Here is the secret few know: 90% of clients do not understand the difference between an average architect and a master, so they look for clues. I call these clues …

Symbols of Power Positioning

Price is a symbol of power. People equate higher fees with higher levels of quality or expertise. There is an assumption that “you get what you pay for,” just as we assume a watch priced at $5,000 is better quality than a watch priced at $50. Obviously, the watch needs the right environment and the right endorsement by the right people but very quickly, our perceptions take shape from the clues.

Other symbols of power are:
1) Being interviewed or talked about
2) Being the educator, author, speaker
3) Being associated with famous people
4) Showcasing well-known projects
5) Awards or certifications.


Highest paid Brazilian model, Gisele Bundchen. She is known by name; your firm may become known, or you, the architect may do so …


Fitness club that takes the medal. Which of your projects have the potential to get known as premier facilities and how can you promote this?

Apple iPhone

Costs more than most other phones and still sells like crazy. Apple's popularity has to do with design, including aesthetics; ease of use; functionality. This is yet another way to claim the premium position.


LeBron James, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. A touch more difficult is being the very best in the world at something. What are you the very best
at? What do you have the potential to be best at?

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai, China, oozes class. Premium positioning here has to do luxury and status; do any of your projects have this claim to fame? Could they? It means being a cut above, in every way.

Rolls Royce

Gets you from A to B but starts at around $300,000. This premium positioning has been years in the making; what's your history or your story? Know it, share it, make it work for you.

Wynn Las Vegas

“The highest-rated resort company in the world with 13 Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Awards.” – Forbes Travel Guide, 2017 Emirates First Class

“Upon arrival in the cabin, you'll find a wash bag filled with fragrances and toiletries by luxury fashion house Bvlgari, Gillette shaving foam, a toothbrush, Colgate toothpaste, and Axe deodorant.” – Business Insiders

This premium positioning has to do with features and status, a savory combination in this case.

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