The Packaging Secret that Helps Sell Architectural Services


Burgers can help you sell architectural services.

What do Shake Burgers and your design business have in common? At this moment, probably nothing. But they could if you copied their clever little marketing packaging trick. If you do, you will win more projects.

Gift the client a design just for them

My wife and I just came from the Shake Shack in New York City. Inside, they have different types of burgers. The shroom burger, the shake burger, all these different types … basically pre-packaged solutions. Whatever your situation, they have the solution. Vegetarian? The shroom burger. Old school? The shake burger. The list goes on.

That is the secret to selling complete architectural services. You give it a catchy name and package up the solution depending on the outcome your client wants.

In the burger shop, you might get a Chick’n Shack, no doubt they have something for the hard core meat lover. Each burger delivers a different outcome for a different person.

Sell architectural services with a bow on top

My advice to you: Stop confusing people by giving them too many options when they really don’t understand what you do and how you do it. Package things up into bundles, packages, solutions. Give it a name, explain what’s inside.

Then explain why they should choose each option and how to get started so they can understand which option best suits them and most important, they don’t feel dumb.

Then get it up on your website for your ideal ‘fish’ to see (more on the fish later). They just order your shroom burger.

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