Sunshine Island Express

Complimentary Upgrade Request

Please read these instructions carefully:

As a current Design Firm Accelerator member, you have the option to request a complimentary upgrade to our new and improved Design Firm Accelerator program (which includes the new Sunshine Island Express training).

We are constantly upgrading and improving our training and materials, this new program is our latest iteration.

The requirement for requesting your complimentary upgrade is to give us feedback on the existing program by following the instructions below.

If you have recently joined the program, give us feedback on what you have experienced so far.

There is no requirement to give us a glowing testimonial; however, we would appreciate that. :)

There are two options for giving us your feedback:

Option 1: Record a video on this page using your webcam or mobile phone.
Follow the instructions and submit the form below to leave us a video review.

Option 2: Record the video with your phone separately and email it to us.
If for some reason you can't get the form on this page to work, you have the option to record a video with your phone. After you record the video on your phone, share the video with us by emailing (share the video with us via Dropbox or WeTransfer). 

After we review your submission for completeness, we will give you access to the new program, generally within 48 hours. If you have any questions, please email

Here are some things to consider including in your review:

- Face a window or other bright light source so that the video has good lighting on your face.
- Start by introducing yourself - your name, location and kind of work you do.
- If you feel the program has been worth your investment, and if so, why?
- How has the program impacted your life?
- How has the program impacted your business?
- What emotional benefits have you gotten from the program?
- What financial benefits have you gotten from the program?
- If you would recommend this program to other design professionals who want to grow their practices.
- Your experience working with Enoch, Richard, Eric and the other team members.
- Any specific stories or wins you care to share.

Note: Video length limited to 5 minutes.

Watch this video for instructions:

Fill in your contact details and follow the instructions below to request a complimentary upgrade to your member account.

  • Step 1

    Your Contact Information
  • Step 2

    Record your feedback.
  • Use this video recorder to give us your feedback.

    DESKTOP: Click "Record Video" below; after your webcam is connected, click the round button to start your recording, and the square button to stop. The video will automatically be Saved. You may record it again if you wish.

    MOBILE/PHONE: Click "Record or select a video file" then follow the instructions to access your camera. After recording (you can do more than one "take") confirm that you'd like to use the video.

    After recording your video, you'll return to this form. Be sure to click the Upload button, since this is not done automatically.

* By submitting this form, you agree that your submission becomes property of the Architect Marketing Institute to use how, when and where we like, including for our own promotional materials.