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Tools and Resources To Help You Capture Clients with Bigger Budgets and Better Projects

Are you finding it difficult to balance the work of running your architecture practice? You need to focus on your business while working in your business. It can be tough to keep track of all the missing parts. Are you still riding the rollercoaster of the feast/famine cycle, instead of feeling security of a steady flow new projects?

The AMI can help you discover the means to break free from the stress of not knowing when or where your next project is coming from. We are a coalition of architects and marketing professionals on a mission to raise the profile of architects as the premier shapers of the built environment.

Announcing the Architect Business Development Summit! Come learn from the best. April 7 + 8, 2016. 

The Architect Marketing Institute is a coalition of architects and marketing professionals committed to promoting the power of good design and the role of architects in shaping the built environment. The AMI is a resource for architects ready to reclaim their role in society and be rewarded with respect and fulfillment.

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Why The Architect Marketing Institute?

They never taught us this stuff in school. We want to create beautiful spaces and buildings, not market and sell. But this reluctance or uneasiness with self-promotion and marketing your skills and expertise is why so many architects are underpaid and under-appreciated. 

The Architect Marketing Institute was formed to help architects like you learn how to market and position your firm as a community leader and industry expert. ​The best architects know it is possible to double their fees instead of cut them by communicating value to potential clients. 

The AMI brings together architects, marketers and "architect-marketers" to share their knowledge with you and give you the insights you need to run a successful practice. ​

Become a More Effective Architect

You owe it to yourself to have a fun and profitable practice. You owe it to yourself to reject the feast or famine cycles and embrace steady work and desirable projects. You owe it to yourself to choose the projects you want instead of taking whatever project comes your way. You owe it to yourself to have clients that value your skills as an architect and not treat you as a draftsman or a necessary but unwanted expense to 'get a permit'.

By learning how to use marketing effectively, you become a more effective architect. You'll have control over the quality of projects you get and the quality of clients you work with. You'll control the flow of new work and the growth and success of your firm. The AMI is your resource for a better future.

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