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34 Promotional Strategies For Architects And Designers That Work

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The Big Idea Letter

The truth is that any architect running his or her own business needs to be:

1. A marketer of architectural services FIRST and ...

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This is the inconvenient truth not taught in architecture school.

Sunshine Island: A Parable of Architectural Success

If you are in any way responsible for winning projects or bringing in the money, then you must read Sunshine Island. A charming story that teaches you how to master the #1 skill you never got taught at architecture school ...

Architect marketing isn't a myth. Visit the Village of Archville and take your first steps to find freedom as an architect.

Inside the Mind of the Architect

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Inside the Mind of the Architect

The Story of Archville

From the desk of:

Richard Petrie
Co-Founder, Architect Marketing Institute
January 2022

Dear Overworked and Under-Appreciated Architect,

In my consulting work with architects, I’ve found that most architects live a sad and pervasive lie. 

Here’s what they say:

“I can either work on fun and fulfilling projects or I can make a good income – but not both.”

I was shocked when I first heard this line of reasoning coming from a group of seasoned architects in a LinkedIn Group.

Someone had asked about advice for his son, who was considering studying architecture.

“Stay away!” said some.

“Let him know that he won’t earn much money,” hollered others.

“He’ll have to choose between fulfilling work and earning a good living!”

“The best architects die poor!”

“I love it, but it doesn’t pay the bills.”

And so forth …

I like to compare this sorry state of affairs to an architect who went for a walk in the forest and got lost.

After a few hours of walking, he came to a village in a clearing.

The village was called Archville, where ONLY architects lived.

Yes, a very strange village, I know.

The mayor of Archville welcomed the architect and offered him a tour.

He told the architect that Archville was split into four neat quarters where architects could live.

The Old Quarter was the divorce and suicide capital, home to architects who charged low fees and worked on unfulfilling projects.

The Artist Quarter was cool, but run down, because money was always tight.

This was the quarter for architects who charged low fees but worked on fulfilling projects.

In the New Quarter, everything was updated and fresh but lacked soul. This quarter was for architects who charged high fees but worked on unfulfilling projects.

Finally, the mayor took the architect to Sunshine Island and said:

“Sunshine Island is for architects who earn high fees AND work on fulfilling projects.”

All of the architects wanted to live on Sunshine Island, but only a few ever discovered and did what was required to live there.

“How can I live on Sunshine Island?” asked the architect.

“Good question,” said the Mayor. “You need to know the ideal type of projects that you love to work on and be able to win those projects for a decent fee.”



The mayor explained that architects who live on Sunshine Island had two jobs:

  • First, marketer of architectural services.
  • Second, a provider of architectural services.

“This is the secret few architects know,” said the mayor, “and that even fewer practice.”

“But I went to architecture school for seven years and no one ever talked about selling architectural services. There is no method for architects … is there?”

“You want the roadmap to Sunshine Island?” the mayor said, smiling. “Everyone wants that, but you have to be prepared to pay the price.”

“That depends on how much it is,” said the architect.

“I can tell you one thing,” said the mayor.

“The price to live on Sunshine Island is much less than the cost of living a life of low income and unfulfilling projects!”

Now, I’ve devoted a large part of my career to helping architects from around the globe look for Sunshine Island

… And I’m happy to say I’ve helped many of them find it!

In fact, my first architect client here in New Zealand, whom I worked with years ago, has clients literally begging to work with her.

She tripled her income in 12 months.

Some people say I have a magical voodoo power that causes my clients to transform so powerfully.

I say there’s nothing magical about it.

Instead, there is a recipe for getting to Sunshine Island.

Would you like to know what it is?


I invite you to download the Architect Marketing Flowchart that shows you exactly what it takes to set up a marketing system for your architecture firm (and get to Sunshine Island).

Now, I’m the first to admit that Sunshine Island isn’t for everyone, and neither are these marketing strategies.

Some architects prefer to work in the Artist Quarter, pursuing fulfilling projects at the expense of their family and income.

Others prefer to dream big, yet never take action.

If you are ready to raise your fees AND win better quality projects (Sunshine Island) then simply click the button below.

You will register for my special 80-20 Pareto training and see a proven marketing system specifically designed for design professionals… click the button below now, while it’s fresh on your mind.

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