Office Hours Preview

Imagine there was a room full of international architects who really understood the game of marketing their services. These cool kids sit in a room and talk about what is working and bat around ideas that average architects don’t even think of. The sparks are flying and the room becomes so hot that no one wants to leave. Imagine being a fly on the wall listening in to incredible conversations that create breakthroughs for mere mortals.

Recently Richard and String hosted a conversation with 30 architects who ‘understand’ marketing – the conversation was recorded.

You can be a fly on the wall and listen in as breakthrough after breakthrough ideas get released.

  • See how a high end residential architect gets his follow up process broken down in detail and refined to maximise his chance of converting cold prospects into a meeting
  • Listen to how an architect who specialises in optometry gets told how to sneak a lead generating trojan horse into an article he is having published
  • Find out how one architect was helped to deal with a price resistant prospect in such a way that the prospect could only feel foolish if he selected the cheaper competitor