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In this Architect Marketing Institute master class, you'll learn:

1. How to identify the best clients and projects. Not all projects (or clients) were created equal. When you get picky about who you will accept as a client your whole life gets an upgrade.

2. The psychology of buying high priced services and how to intercept buyer's thought patterns so what you say 100% matches with what they are thinking.

3. How to create a small offer that is 10x more effective than the traditional advertising of architectural services everyone else fails with.

4. How to get the people who initially said ‘no’ to buy from you. The big secret is that there is more money in the ‘no’s’ than there are from people who said yes’. Strange but true.

5. The seven simple steps of marketing you must know to have any chance of dominating a market place. Once you hear one simple story you will understand marketing forever.

6. Finally Richard will share where he learned his skills as a marketer, and it is not the typical place.

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