Summit Case Study – Peter Twohy (New York, 2016)

In this video, recorded live in New York in April 2016 at the inaugural Architect Business Development Summit, you will hear Baltimore architect Peter Twohy share the marketing strategies he's implemented that have made a huge change in his firm.

Peter used to take any job that came in the door; he shows an image of one tiny project (a front porch) and says “now I know what you're thinking, that's a really nice porch!” He goes on to say “Now we're working on a lot of high end remodels and new houses, and it's a lot more fun.” He then explains what he's been doing that has made all the difference.

This was part of our “Lightning Round” in which each architect had 20 – 25 minutes to show what they’ve been doing with their marketing, and tell the audience about what they’ve discovered really works to bring in more and better clients.