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Set aside 90 minutes to change your life. I have cracked the code. On this webinar replay you'll discover what we've created to give you an Unfair advantage.

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I want to show you how to raise your fees and become even more in demand. But you will need a few secret weapons. Weapons that give you an unfair advantage.

Being fair is all about having an even playing field, everyone playing by the same rules and all participants getting an equal chance to win.

I say ‘Phooey’ to that.

The best situations where the odds are stacked in your favour. You want to have a ten point lead before the game starts. You want to be playing down hill with the wind behind you, while the referee is your favourite uncle who owes you money.

I cannot tell you the full details but here is what I can reveal.

You are going to see my two BEST monkeys fists. Both are easy to put together and instantly appealing to serious potential clients in any market niche. The second one even generates referrals easier, faster and in greater quantity than my previous favourite -‘The Dirty 30’… I guarantee it.

You will learn a secret sentence that systematically finesses potential clients to book an appointment with you even they have not even read your monkeys fist. This one simple move is my proudest discovery of 2017.

You will discover how to convert all of my theory and strategies into 4 pragmatic tools. Fear not you will not get your hands dirty. I don’t trust you to set these bad boys up -- that’s why there is a team ready to do everything for you.

2018 is all about doing LESS yet achieving MORE.
Even my 94 year old grandfather could win projects with these four tools and he isn’t even an architect.

If you have ever felt confused or overwhelmed by marketing then the end of obstacles is nigh. Everything you need to win comes down to four ‘unfair’ tools.

Years from now you will look back on 2018 and the year you decided to play ‘unfair’.