SIX LIVE workshop September 25 (“Sand Diego”)

*No that’s not a typo.
Watch the 3 minute video below for an urgent message from Richard.

It will all become clear after you see what lengths Richard has gone through to achieve a breakthrough and share it with you.

LOL. (Not really a laughing matter...)

What will you learn in San Diego…

1) How to communicate your value using a 7 step formula
2) My all time favorite architects website and why it is so good
3) The best monkey’s fist a SIX member has ever produced ( I WISH I had thought of it myself - brilliant)
4) How to find anyone's emotional hot buttons, once you push them they will be powerless to defend against you.
5) We will review the entire SIX roadmap, give you one on one feedback on any step you do not yet have nailed down (plus some advanced tweaks to put fire into the tanks)


If you are interested in attending the One Day San Diego marketing workshop on September 25th, or have any questions, just send an email to

It's free for SIX members!

 - Richard

BONUS: Interview with Mastermind Member Tim Alatorre

Watch a mastermind member describe how he became world famous this week (not an exaggeration) because of a secret service (that all mastermind members get) that caught fire.

This will change his business forever.

For more info on Tim's project, and how the Mastermind program content team helped him get worldwide attention, click here