The Premium Options Secret

Are you providing premium options to your customers? Providing a choice of tiered pricing and services can make a big difference to your bottom line.

If you are missing this secret, then your clients are missing out, too. Did you know that 30% of clients will take you up on your higher-priced option offer if it makes any sense at all? While you are thinking about premium options, consider the big picture of tiered pricing (or offering differing levels of services at distinguished price points). It can be much more profitable than providing a singular option if done well. Most businesses use tiered pricing and options because it offers both flexibility and access to customers within all price points. As an example, major shipping carriers offer several shipping methods so that it’s affordable to everyone, yet still convenient for those who need expedited services.

By adding a basic and/or premium selection to your offerings, you give customers a chance to try your services at a comfortable price point and, after you provide superior value, that makes them more willing to climb the spending ladder.

By using this secret, you are also taking your competition off the table by offering everything a potential customer needs. Let’s take a look at the video ...

Are you using the premium options and/or tiered pricing in your business? We’d love to hear about it!