Results in 2 months or 2 years? Backstage Tour of the SIX Program

The internet is a great connection tool but with any mass medium there are people selling stuff with overhyped promises.

I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

First, a special announcement: we’re offering a Backstage Pass and Live Tour of the Sunshine Island Express (SIX) Members Area.

Click HERE to register for this free 45 minute presentation.

If you've been curious about what it is like to work with AMI to build out your architecture or design firm’s marketing system, we’ll take you on board our express train, show you how it works, what results look like for our clients, and go over the investment options.

We’ll have plenty of time to address your specific questions.


Before we talk about unrealistic expectations for ANY program, I will tell you that since 2015, we've invested over $200,000 ourselves in mentors, coaching, live events, high-level peer groups, and training/consulting for our own team.

Does that surprise you?

It shouldn’t, we like short cuts, fast tracks, leverage and we love the the 80-20 principle. I am not dumb enough to think I know it all. I intuitively understand marketing but for the rest I need help. That said, we still spend a lot of money on various marketing programs too.

School is never out for the pro.

Fun fact: Our investments in coaches, mentors, and peer groups have had a 25x return because our company has grossed $5 million since 2015.

Did any of these coaches or mentors or peer groups "promise" 25x return? They did not.

Did they "promise" we'd make a million dollars a year? No.

Did they "promise" we'd be able to scale up, build a great team, and serve more clients to amazing results than ever before? Nope.

But there's a difference between an aspirational goal you hold for each of your clients - vs. a salesy "promise" that sounds too good to be true.

When someone "promises" any specific result from their coaching or mentoring (revenue-based or otherwise), without knowing you or your business then you know their promise is B.S.


Having said that, every highly-reputable mentoring, coaching, or peer group program (including ours!) SHOULD and MUST have a specific defined outcome that they are working hard to propel you toward.

For us, we want our SIX clients to magnetically attract the best projects.

Through our programs and strategic approach, you’ll establish your firm in a premium position in your market, recognized as experts in a niche, and be able to significantly raise your fees.

This is 'Sunshine Island.'

Will you get there in 2 weeks? Maybe - probably not.

Will it take 2 months? Possibly - depends on you.

Might it take as long as 2 years? Sometimes - or for some maybe longer.

For some maybe never.


KEY QUESTION: Why would a highly reputable program that people invest $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 into create lightning-fast (almost seismic) transformations for some yet never create results for others?

KEY ANSWER: Because everyone comes into any given program with a different set of skills, experiences, expertise, background, capabilities, mindset, toolset, track record, habits, and attitudes.

For example some new SIX members take HUGE action in the first 30 days and others …not so much.

For the same reason I bet you could take the most fertile soil in the world and plant 10 different plants. Some would shoot up, others would grow at a modest pace and some plants might even die despite the environment.

Many factors are in play.


There are two main components to our program:

  • PART 1 - Creating three offers (invitations for your clients to get help)
  • PART 2 - Promoting those three offers

If you did a great job on PART 1 but never promoted your offers then the fireworks will not happen - your explosive fuse has to be lit. Your offers have to be sent out into the sunlight.

So be aware that some things happen much faster for one brand new SIX member vs. another brand new SIX member.

Some seasoned veterans can pivot their business, their thinking, and their actions much faster than another.

We've worked with 20+ year architects who come into the program and could not communicate their value at all. They had to learn how to think about what unique value they provide, as if starting from scratch.

Another highly experienced architect with a mid-size business was absolutely paranoid about ‘selling’ anything to anyone. A 180 degree mindset shift was required. After reframing his thinking, he was able to see that selling done right is truly a service that educates clients and provides tremendous value to them. His firm is now doing gangbusters, and he loves the process.

And I can think of one guy, new in business, with zero sales or marketing experience. He started his outreach with a compelling message to a very specific market and won 5 clients within 30 days of starting our program.

It was insane.


Are we going to brag about our fastest-moving, bravest, smartest clients who get the biggest, most rapid results?

Yes we will.

Is that a "promise" that you'll do the same? No.

But it's proof that what we teach works - for both brand new folks coming in with zero AND for seasoned pros who've been around for 20+ years.

It works with architects whose annual revenue is $0 and design firms whose annual revenue is $3.4 million. (We've seen amazing results for both!)

OK, that's it - rant over.

Something to think about right... both in the way YOU sell your design services, and in the way YOU look at investing in advice.


P.S. Why tune in to the ‘Backstage Tour of the SIX Program’?

If you've been curious about what SIX is all about, how it works, what great results look like, your investment options, plus plenty of time to address your exact questions, this info-session is for you.

Click HERE to register.

P.P.S. Why invest in training or coaching??

My personal reason for investing in training or coaching is to get results faster. I don’t have time to ‘work’ everything out for myself. If someone has the answers that gets me results in days not decades then that is good enough for me.

I used to be the guy who had no money, I used to try to do everything on a shoestring, but I had no money so I had no option.

When I was 19 I traveled to England to play cricket for six months on an absolute shoestring. My budget was 24 pounds a week. The New Zealand and UK exchange rate was terrible for Kiwis… $3 for £1. I remember paying 12 pounds for a round of beers (I don’t even like beer) at the bar knowing that my budget for the week was screwed.

Later after the cricket season finished I went on a tour of Switzerland and did not want to pay $15 for a taxi from the train station to the hostel so I walked. It took me 5 hours and I arrived at midnight, exhausted and starving. I wasted half a day to save $15.

I am 52 now, life isn’t long enough for me to work everything out on the cheap or get everywhere by foot now. I am happy to buy speed, to save time, to leverage other people’s methods or knowledge.

The SIX program may or may not be for you. But you owe it to yourself to see if this express train is worth catching.

Click HERE to register for this special behind the scenes tour.

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