Mastermind Opportunity

Thanks for inquiring about the Architect Marketing Institute Mastermind program. We have had over 50 people express interest in Mastermind, and we have at most 5 places available. 

We want make sure you are a good fit for the program. We have a pretty cool thing happening and the key is we make sure we have the right people onboard (which we do).

Please watch the video below for an overview of AMI Mastermind to see if it might be a good fit for you and your firm.

 - Richard

Interview with Mastermind Member Tim Alatorre

Watch a mastermind member describe how he became world famous this week (not an exaggeration) because of a secret service (that all mastermind members get) that caught fire.

This will change his business forever.

For more info on Tim's project, and how the Mastermind program content team helped him get worldwide attention, click here


If you are interested in joining the Mastermind program, please CLICK HERE to fill in a short application form (with the questions you see below) and Sue Asinas (Director of Client Services) will contact you.

  1. What do you want to get from mastermind?
  2. Why is now a good time for you?
  3. What value do you think you might be able to add to the group?
  4. Are you coachable?
  5. The group shares their ideas, strategies and insights; are you willing to contribute to others as well as taking a lot from others?
  6. Add any other comments you feel might be relevant for us to know

Next steps

After submitting the application:

  1. Sue will call you to discuss your application, explain more of the details and answer your questions.
  2. If Sue thinks you are suitable she will schedule a call for you to talk with me (Richard) for final questions and suitability assessment.
  3. If you are accepted and want to be a part of the team we are meeting in San Diego on 26-27 September so check your availability. It's not compulsory to attend the live events but it would be great way to meet everyone and get some serious momentum.

 - Richard