#1: The Architect Marketing Show – All About Marketing For Architects


Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Architect Marketing Show – all about marketing for architects. If you want to discover the latest techniques and strategies that are working for architects to attract a consistent flow of the right clients, you've come to the right place.

In today's episode we discuss the symptoms of not having an effective marketing system working in your architecture firm. We also discuss the benefits of having an effective marketing system.

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Outline of today's show

Episode 1: The Pain, The Benefits, And What's Next

  1. The pain of not having an effective marketing system
    1. People that call me are just focused on price and don't recognize what I can do for them
    2. People don't know I exist/don't find me
    3. People are thinking of using me, but how can I get a competitive advantage? (the trust factor)
    4. When one job ends I need to find another – I'm always chasing new work, new proposals, etc.
  2. The benefit of having an effective marketing system
    1. Fees become a secondary consideration
    2. Clients will want you because of you, not because they want cheap plans, etc.
    3. You will be able to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about where the next job will come from
    4. Clients will seek you out, clients will book time to work with YOU. You become the prize.
  3. The Overview: The Architect Marketing Show is here to help you attract more of the right clients. Here is a summary of the upcoming episodes:
    1. Market research: Who do you want to serve? What will be your area of focus?
    2. Positioning your firm in the market
    3. How do you educate your clients?
    4. Establish authority, cultivate relationships and get the project
    5. Manage the process to create the “remarkable client experience”

3 comments on “#1: The Architect Marketing Show – All About Marketing For Architects

  1. Stefano & Aina on said:


    We want you to know how much your work can be helpful for young architects at the beginning of their career as we are. We are actually based in France and we are facing the same issues. In architecture schools, marketing is taught at the very end of the studies, almost as an optional lesson. This leads graduated students to misunderstand the market, the context and how to set up a business. Once graduated, we are not ready nor prepared to our profession. Of course, architecture is a very complex and multidisciplinary field and we think the best way to be competent is practice which needs time.
    If your work can share some shortcuts, it will give young architects opportunities to jump into this hard but wonderful battle. Thank you for your hard work and your devotion, we look forward for the next episodes !

  2. Bertrand on said:

    I’m happy to see that you’re going on with this show. When you said that architects don’t have a marketing culture, I thought that in fact, we are doing some naturally. One direction of the marketing strategy is to ask the prospects what they need to build the project. And that’s exactly what we do for example for residential projects, we have to think as our client to design their house. What we have to learn now is to think as our prospects do, in order to transform them into clients.
    I look forward to the episode 2!

  3. Russ Wingfield on said:

    thank you for your time and efforts to educate us architects further in the real world skills and tools to make ourselves the profitable and successful architects that we all aspire to be – look forward to the upcoming episodes


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