#2: The Architect Marketing System That Works


What are the benefits of a marketing system that works? Today we find out by talking to two successful architects that have achieved “architect nirvana”. They can now pick and choose the projects they want to work on, and they get to work with enjoyable clients who appreciate good design and don't haggle over the price.

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Outline of today's show:

Episode 2: The Marketing System That Works

  1. Architects Are Fighting A Silent War
    1. Many clients focus too much on “price” instead of the value architects provide
    2. Architects have given up on making money AND creating great architecture
  2. Case study: Mona Quinn
    1. Knew she needed to market but didn't know where to start
    2. Engaged marketer Richard Petrie and set up a “marketing system”
    3. One simple strategy got her over 150 leads in one weekend
    4. The best part is that work is a pleasure: her clients appreciate good design and don't ‘haggle'
  3. Case study: Peter Twohy
    1. Peter relied on word-of-mouth marketing in the past
    2. Focused on building a list of contacts and creating a newsletter
    3. Now he doesn't have to take every project that comes in the door

Don't have time for the whole show?
Watch these two interview snippets that are featured in the show.

Mona Quinn discusses getting “perfect clients” who appreciate good design and don't haggle fees:


Peter Twohy reveals his simple strategy for being featured in the media, and how this strategy lets him pick and choose his projects:



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