How To Create A Monkey’s Fist in 10 Minutes (Or Less)

Monkey's Fist in Architect Marketing

Using the Monkey's Fist strategy isn't difficult and it's a crucial step in lead generation. Watch architect Enoch Sears as he creates this valuable resource in 10 minutes or less:

What Is The Monkey's Fist Strategy?

The Monkey's Fist strategy is the #1 way to generate qualified leads for an architecture firm, as long as it's done well. This architect marketing tip is simple and quick to implement. Basically, an educational resource is created that is strategically placed and offered and can accomplish several key marketing goals.

Why Is This Strategy Effective?

  1. It's a great lead generation tool
  2. This resource will begin to establish your authority in the field
  3. It's easily shared, so you are able to increase your reach and future lead possibilities

Creating and using a Monkey's Fist has been proven as an extremely effective architect marketing tool all over the world, and is a well-known lead generation technique in a lot of fields.  Marketing an architecture business takes a skill set that is different from marketing any other type of business; so this method has been refined and restructured to be effective for the needs of architects marketing their own firm.

If you want to learn more about architect marketing, this blog post is a great place to start!

To discover how to use the Monkey's Fist strategy for your architecture firm; attend our upcoming free AIA-Approved online training, to register click here.

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