Get Better Projects And Higher Fees With Architect Positioning

architect positioning

When you’re climbing the power pyramid to achieve successful architect positioning, better projects with higher budgets are on the horizon. Marketing yourself is extremely important. Most architects don't understand the need for better positioning.

This brings to mind one of our clients, Mark S.

Immediately after starting his architecture firm, he put the pieces into play just how we coached him.

Now a quick Google search reveals that Mark is ‘one of the pioneers to introduce Passivhaus to the U.K.’

To achieve that status, rather quickly, he successfully positioned himself as a leader in his particular niche. Being seen as an expert is exactly what will set you apart from every other architect.

While competing for a prize in his field, Mark posted the competition for his subscribers to follow. In a playful way, his followers rooted for him on the sidelines.

They cheered for him all the way up to the finish line. He won the 2015 UK Passivhaus Small Project Award!

Pioneers come in first place through successful architect positioning.

You’ll find inspirational videos in his marketing content. Being interviewed and having a client talk about how great his farmhouse design is … well, that’s key.

Sure, he’s a great architect. But he also understands the need to promote himself by pursuing awards, making inspirational videos and proving his value. (All of which are ribbons of status.) Potential customers will react positively when they see these accolades. Why? Positioning is power.

How will you put the ball in your own court? Start moving up the power pyramid for architect positioning.

Visit our post on the diamond strategy for more information on successful architect positioning.

Happy Marketing!

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