The Little Known Truth About Business and Pandemics

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Yes, I know it’s natural to get nervous about the future especially when running a small business so remember this …


Always has, always will. Business has survived wars, earthquakes, past pandemics and stock market crashes. You cannot stop business because nothing in history has even come close. Business is an irresistible force and this pandemic is NO immovable object. Business is just people helping people and exchanging value to make stuff happen. You can't stop people from having needs.

Business is like flowing water …

Sure you can sometimes redirect a river, you can sometimes dam it for a while but flowing water will always find a way over, through, around or under. Water is completely adaptable to any obstacle and relentless. That's why business will always flow, because life needs business so while business can slow temporarily, it can never stop and neither should you.

Don’t be fooled …

Our fears are natural but the everlasting, unstoppable, irresistible nature of business doesn’t care if you are scared or brave or excited, it will continue to flow with or without your permission. So don’t delude yourself into thinking anything other than the truth. Your fear doesn’t matter …

The truth …

Like it or not, business will continue long after you are gone but your participation and success right now is optional. So get your ass back in the boat and get paddling. The water never stopped flowing the only thing that stopped was you.


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