Climbing The Power Pyramid

BrianLewis - June 28, 2014

Comment: Becoming an expert is an interesting process and is worth setting as a goal.

Question: How long would does the process take to reach a respectable level?

    Eric Bobrow - June 28, 2014

    Brian – That’s an excellent question. Consistent efforts will lead to results over a period of months, particularly if you can put some of the “clues” to authority, celebrity or expert status in place, such as interviews, videos and/or authorship of articles or a book. It helps if you are actually an expert due to your long experience in a field; then when you add a few additional pieces to the visible “evidence” you will be perceived as someone who stands out from your peers.
    – Eric

    Richard Petrie - June 30, 2014

    Hey Brian
    Remember we are talking about being seen as an expert in the mind of your prospects. Who form opinions a lot faster than your peers. They are the only ones who really count.
    How long does it take to position yourself?

    If I see an architect has

    1) written a book
    2) been interviewed here there and everywhere
    3) been a speaker at events
    4) talked about by others
    5) been photographed with a celebrity like Kane Williamson 🙂

    then I instantly assume they are high end or an expert. Especially the photograph!

    Sorry could not resist.

William Gentile - June 22, 2014

Richard Petrie, thanks for this mini-webinar, looking forward to the full training presentation

    Richard Petrie - June 30, 2014

    Hey William you are welcome.

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