How Architects Get Leads: Create A Monkey’s Fist That Gets Results

architect lead generation

Wondering how architects get leads – high quality leads?

Here's the first question to ask: What Is A Monkey's Fist And Why Is It Necessary?

If you've been following me for any length of time, you'll have heard me talk about the Monkey’s Fist Strategy (the architect’s version of a lead magnet).

Learn this Architect Lead Generation strategy

A Monkey’s Fist is a strategy used in architect lead generation. Create a gated educational resource in the form of a report, video, audio, software or other tool that you offer in exchange for an email address to attract potential clients.

The trouble is that most don’t work as well they could.

The latest trend is to focus on easy-to-consume Monkey’s Fists, like checklists, summaries or very brief reports.

And while it's useful for your audience to be able to consume your content in 5 minutes or less, that is only one criteria and not always the most important.

Create high value, get high quality leads

If you want to build credibility and trust, your Monkey’s Fist has to be hugely valuable to your ideal clients.

A few years ago, Pardot did a study which revealed that 63% of people had been disappointed by content they'd received.

And of those disappointed, 97% said it damaged their trust with the brand, 23% said they'd never read content from that brand again and 46% said they were only slightly likely to do so.

The job of your Monkey’s Fist is to get your ideal prospects to raise their hand, share their contact information and give you permission to start sending ongoing communication.

The key to success is to create huge value for your potential clients in a way that's not readily available anywhere else.

The following is a checklist for creating a GREAT Monkey’s Fist.

  1. Offer of a small, yet valuable, piece of information that solves a specific problem
  2. The value snippet is easily consumed and provides instant gratification
  3. Has high perceived value
  4. Has high actual value when consumed
  5. Leaves the reader saying ‘WOW’ and wanting more stuff from you
  6. Enhances your credibility, authority, personality and trust

If your Monkey’s Fist is just a list of five tips that they could get from anyone else, then they probably will get it from someone else.

Attract the right prospects

How can a powerful Monkey's Fist transform your architectural firm overnight?

Attract Prospects:

  • As follow-up from presentations and workshops
  • As an offer via direct mail
  • As an offer via online or offline advertising
  • As an offer in your email signature and home page of your website
  • As an offer through your Dirty 30 to provide easy referrals
  • As an offer on a postcard

But once again, you need to grab them by the eye balls. Force your ideal client to say “WOW!”, due to the obvious immediate value.

Once you know you can generate a WOW, then you become confident in your marketing and motivated to do more. Meanwhile, others will shy away into the shadows.

Prove you can add real WOW value. Then you'll have built credibility and trust. So every other message from you receives great attention.

Offer a great Monkey’s Fist and you're halfway to winning a paying client and a project you love.

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