Architect Consultation Fees: How To Charge For Every Minute You Work

architect consultation fees

When architects join our marketing program, they are usually really surprised (and skeptical) to learn one of my core strategies; which is to implement the LCC and begin charging architect consultation fees.

Most architects report that they regularly provide free consultations and advice in hopes of winning projects. I'm telling you- it doesn't work. As a matter of fact, it's only causing financial and professional hardship for the architect.

This action-taking architect in our A-Team Mastermind added $64,206 USD to his practice (£49,000) with ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY.

What do you think? Could you see this strategy working for you?

Today, I'll show you how the LCC (or low-commitment consultation) not only ensures that you get paid for every minute you work, but that you'll win projects consistently because of it, too.

The low-commitment consultation is the easiest strategy to implement into your marketing plan and will produce faster results than anything else.

By offering potential clients an LCC, and charging architect consultation fees, you will begin to build niche authority and put your architecture firm on the path to financial freedom.

In the video below, AMI client and the King of the LCC, James S, will talk about how utilizing this strategy has changed the game for his architecture firm.

Hint: Now, he NEVER works for free and gets more projects because of it!

For more information on the Low-Commitment Consultation, visit our post on why you should always get paid for architecture advice.

Here's what a few of our clients had to say about implementing the LCC into their business marketing strategy.

architect consultation fees success story

Also, for real-time strategies and wins for architect business management, join the closed AMI Facebook group here.

Happy Marketing!

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