Pitching Design To An LCC Client

pitching your design services

If you are using my LCC concept, then pitching your design services almost becomes redundant.

With the LCC, you already have a client. You already have a business relationship. You've already had the chance to question the client, get to know them personally and see that you can both work together.

You become the devil they know.

Architects who sell an LCC report and move forward with the project do very well. (Often the LCC is the motivating factor.) Their conversion rate to design contract is 90 – 100%.

That is the secret of the LCC — become the incumbent with a low commitment offer and the project becomes yours to lose.

You have to really botch up the situation to not be retained for the next step in the process.

General selling statistics say that once a client has made one purchase, they are 5 times more likely to make a second purchase than a new prospect would be.

So pitching your design services can be easy. Get clients on the horse, even if it’s a small horse.

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