No Such Thing as a Fair Share for Architects

Get the formula right. Then your school of fish will swim right up to your shore. There's no such thing as a fair share for architects.

I'm coming to you from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. It's probably the most famous beach in Sydney. You can see why, it's a pretty cool place. Lots of people. Great waves. Great sand. There are a lot of beaches around here, but they don't all get the same attention.

It's no different from companies. Among the many marketing companies, some attract a bigger community than others.

The point is — never do all the beaches get their fair share of people, just like a company doesn't always get its fair share of customers.

There’s no such thing as a ‘fair share’ for architects. A ‘fair share’ of clients does not exist. You need to find a way to attract more than your fair share before someone else does.

Get the formula right, so that your school of fish will swim right up to your shore. That comes down to your brand, reputation and offers. It could be a mix of different things, perhaps your philosophy or even how your clients feel in your presence.

What can you do to part the sea? Provide a service that is iconic, stands out from the crowd, and makes you the BEST.

(The good news is many people are doing an incredibly poor job of being different. You can do better.)

Usually everyone wants to go to the best place, like Bondi Beach. Why wouldn't you?

So be the best. Be iconic. Be different. Give people a reason to come to YOU before anyone else.

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