How to Get Over the Facebook Ad Slump

facebook not working for our architecture firm

A client (well, many clients) asked me: ‘Richard, Facebook advertising is not working anymore for our architecture firm. What can you suggest?’

Paid traffic can be okay for some people in some areas. I’m assuming it used to be good for you.

‘Facebook advertising not working for our architecture firm'

You could try to change your target audience. For example, test targeting a smaller group like lawyers or accountants or doctors and have an ad specifically for them: ‘If you are a doctor in Brisbane looking to renovate your house, then avoid these 5 things.’

But I always go back to referrals as the main source of leads for almost all architects.

There must be 3-5 people out there who could refer you for great projects. But you need to find them. Build a relationship. Get your staff in a room and brainstorm potential referrers or influencers in your market.

Finally, plan HOW to connect with these people. ‘Facebook not working anymore for our architecture firm' you say? Remember, people will respond best if you are looking to help them first.

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