Build a Great Reputation (Lessons from Mexico, Part 5)

Build a great reputation for your architecture firm

My wife Julia and I just climbed the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. It got me thinking … to build a great reputation for your architecture firm, first you've got to climb.

And if you want to get to the top, play the game. Marketing yourself is like a game, which can be fun and competitive. 

My client Mark S. took my advice and ran with it. Immediately after starting his firm, he put the pieces into play.

Now a quick Google search reveals ‘Mark is one of the pioneers to introduce Passivhaus to the U.K.’

To achieve that status, rather quickly, he positioned himself.

While competing for a prize in his field, he posted the competition for his subscribers to follow. In a playful way, his followers rooted for him on the sidelines.

They cheered for him all the way up to the finish line – he won the 2015 UK Passivhaus Small Project Award.

Pioneers come in first place.

How will you put the ball in your court? Think of one thing you are already doing that you could do in a bigger, grander, or more fun way — like Mark did.

Start moving up the power pyramid and gain the power you've worked so hard for.

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