Who Controls Your Sales Process?

The question for today: Do you follow the client’s process, or get your client to follow your process?

Have a guess. My recommendation is you work out the process you have and get your clients to follow it.

If you imagine yourself to be a surgeon, would you ever let the patient tell you how to do the surgery? Never. You wouldn’t even deal with them.

So you have to map out your own process and let them know what it is.

Part of the qualification is that they will follow your process, which probably includes an LCC.

And if they don’t go for that, then they’re not a prospect, not your ideal client.

So the client follows your process for buying. Or you follow their process for not buying. That’s usually how it works.

Map out what you do, make it visual — step one, two, three. Being assertive positions you as being more of an expert. It shows you have high standards, you’re a pro, you do this all the time.

When they buy you, they buy your process. 

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