What Happens When You Don’t Lead The Architect Sales Process?

lead the architect sales process

Have you ever struggled over losing an architecture project that you were perfectly skilled for? This happens when you don't lead the architect sales process. Through my experience in coaching architects, I've learned that most of my clients are uncomfortable with the sales process.

How to get comfortable with the architect sales process

This strategy is a way to increase your comfort level while altering your perception of selling architecture services to potential clients. 

I recently received an email that offers a great example of how to lead the sales process. I'll show you how to adapt this strategy for your architecture firm.

Lead the way for your clients

Leading the sales process is a key element in effective sales and marketing. It's so important (and effective) because either the client follows your process for buying … or you follow their process for not buyingSimple as that.

Watch this video to learn a really spectacular way of setting up your own sales process from start to finish. Combine these strategies and win the projects you want.

In the video below, I'll show you the secret to emailing and talking about the architect sales process.  

Integrate this strategy into your marketing and sales system. Let me know how it helps your business.

For more information on architect selling techniques, visit our page on the Power of Instincts in Sales: A Guide to Understanding Client Motivations.

Happy Marketing!

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