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The world loves speed. That’s perfect for a marketing blog because usually the differentiators are either better, faster, or cheaper. So let’s talk about ‘faster.’

I buy books and read about 50% of them. Some are just too slow.

So when I read this email from entrepreneur and writer, James Clear, I had to laugh. It was titled:

‘39 popular books summarized in 3 sentences or less’

‘With nonfiction books,’ Clear writes, ‘I usually take notes on the key ideas and lessons learned. Recently, I added a fun twist to this process. Each time I have finished a book during the past year, I have tried to summarize it in just three sentences or less.’

I thought that was brilliant … 39 books in minutes to get the one key point of each.

But as I started to read the three-sentence book reviews, I caught myself skimming them.

Why would anyone skim a three-sentence review of a whole book?


Before you laugh, consider:

The world is looking for speed.

Faster weight loss, faster money, faster relationships, faster meals.

People will pay for speed; there is often a market for faster service (at a higher price)

… ultra-fast fixes that get ultra-fast results.

Ask yourself three questions

In a similar vein, here are three questions for you

  1. Where would speed be highly valued by your clients?
  2. Can you craft a small service or product to deliver ultra-fast results
  3. Can you define the result and time period?

A quick note on #3. James Clear’s promise was ‘39 books summarized in 3 sentences or less.’

What’s your promise?

Open your mind; the promise does not have to be ‘Your design delivered in 48 hours or less.’ It’s more likely to be a pre-design service. But don’t let me limit your thinking — maybe the design CAN be delivered fast for a certain type of client.

Here’s a bad example, just to get you started: ‘Your legal site restrictions defined in 48 hours or less.’

What do you think? Can you create a new offer based on speed that solves a problem your clients have?

Differentiate yourself and attract a flow of new clients!

Of course, if you charge $750 for your fast-result service, then you will have a client who is probably five times more likely to hire you for the design work, too.

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