My #1 Strategy to Attract Clients to Your Architecture Firm

attract clients to your architecture firm

Let’s assume you do stellar work, provide an incredible service and make people feel good. Then I'll let you in on a little secret that will attract clients to your architecture firm.

With those three vital ingredients in place, you should triple the number of referrals you got last year if you do what I reveal today.

Boy, am I good to you!

Implement the best way to attract clients

But first let's review why referrals are so good. Think about it:

  • They cost nothing.
  • The person comes pre-sold about you by their friend.
  • Because they know you do great work, they are more likely to pay a premium.
  • Referred clients are more likely to refer.

What’s not to like? Nothing.

Having worked exclusively with architects for 6 years …

Pound for pound referrals are KING. Better than any other form of inquiries.

Next time your client meets with their friends or colleagues, your project will probably spark some conversation.

For instance, “Hey, your new medical clinic looks amazing, when did you make the changes?!”

If what you’re doing with your clients is in any way majorly effective to their life or their business, rest assured that will be at the center of their conversations …

Why? Because your project is an important part of your client’s life.

Make referrals easy and attract clients to your architecture firm

When you understand how people talk to each other, you can plan in advance and plant the seed.

You don’t need to incentivize people to refer you because you already have done a great job and they want to help their new friend. Your job is to get them to pop your name into the conversation – make the referral natural and easy for them to do.

You might say: “If someone talks to you about your projects and mentions they are considering doing something themselves just reach out to me and I’ll send some advice (a book, a checklist, a report) to your friend.”

You plant the seed because these conversations are happening far more than you think.

Is this too simple?

-Richard ‘Mr. Simple’ Petrie

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