The #1 FAQ Only Architect Marketers Can Answer

I’m amazed how far some architects are willing to go. Take Kahina Ferreira, for example. He traveled from Angola to Brazil to Panama, all the way to Chicago to meet with our Sunshine Island Express (SIX) group. This is an exclusive club of ambitious, proactive architects. They are master implementers of strategies to attract the right clients. 

On Kahina’s first day here in Chicago, he jumped at every chance to find solutions to the many problems shared around the room. Is he jet lagged? No. Is he motivated? Yes. That’s my kind of client. In this video, discover the frequently asked question only a great architect marketer can answer.

Strategies for attracting the right clients

So I asked him, after half a day: “What is your biggest marketing takeaway that you picked up from our meeting?”

Kahina felt energized to be in the “presence of everyone talking about the same struggles.” Why energized? Because architects are the most talented problem-solvers. Our SIX group (briefly) commiserates over problems and then finds solutions.

The ultimate question on everyone’s mind is: Where and how do I get clients?

Well, here’s where we come in as architect marketers. It’s not just about the where and how … it’s about the who. Identify who is your ideal client. Discover where YOUR favorite fish swim, then go fishing.

But of course, there's no point fishing if you can’t identify where the fish are.

“We have platforms we look at every day,” Kahina says. “Like LinkedIn, but don’t realize its potential for [attracting] clients. But you will eventually get the prospects [you're looking for].”

Through social media and other marketing strategies to attract the right clients, architects can share their stories.

Swapping stories and building relationships over time leads to better clients and the fantastic projects you really want.

Need marketing tips specific for architects? We've compiled a list of marketing ideas for architects and designers that actually make the phone ring. All you need is a bit of practice and a lot of patience:

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