Superstar Lesson #3: Impress Your Client Upon Arrival

Coming to you from Frank Lloyd Wright’s office and house with a second question for our very own Kahina Ferreira: What marketing lessons did you pick up from the tour?

Well, Kahina noticed specific architectural features. The office design itself contributed to this iconic architect’s success. Clearly, only a high-quality client would walk through these doors.

So how did Frank Lloyd Wright position himself and land ideal clients?

“The entrance is invitational,” Kahina says. “The way it’s designed invites you to come in and make some serious decisions.”

Moving forward in Frank Lloyd Wright's office, we go through a dark tunnel and dramatic, well-lit opening to the meeting table. This is basically the closing room.

When clients enter, as we did, they feel uplifted, optimistic, comfortable. The atmosphere is perfect for discussing the project and floor plans … and for signing that contract.

“He plotted everything,” Kahina reflects. “It’s mind blowing how he planned every little thing to get the client to sign the contract.”

And not just any client — the ideal client, the one who appreciates quality. The cheap-o’s would be put off by the statues outside and the Frank Lloyd Wright plaque on the side of the building.

“The ideology around it is very intense,” Kahina told us. (He’s such a great marketer for thinking this far.)

On the tour, we learned not only about the building’s design and history, but also its longevity.

High-end clients want integrity and distinct design. Cheap guys don’t look for that.

So when I look at Frank Lloyd Wright’s office, I see beautiful architecture … and a perfect example of positioning.

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