What’s So Bad About Money?

On Easter Sunday, I spent the night in the good old United States of America.

So I check into the hotel and ask the concierge: ‘Are the shops open today?’

Straight-faced, without so much as a smile or sneer, he says: ‘Sir, this is a very religious country.’

‘Yeah, I know,’ I tell him. ‘It’s surprisingly religious.’

We pause for a moment, and I’m not really sure where the conversation is going from there. Then the concierge chuckles and lets on: ‘Yeah, yeah. Wanna see our god? Here’s our god.’

… And he pulls cash from his deep coat pocket. Twenties, tens, fives, and a few singles fanned like a peacock’s feathers, and says, ‘We pray to this.’

To answer my question, he adds: ‘Shops are always open. Welcome to America.’

Well, that got me thinking. We pray in various ways. Sometimes we look within, other times we seek results from outside sources.

It makes sense, money does keep the economy flowing. That fan of American Dollars symbolizes the prosperity of a city, a business, even the concierge himself who I hope can provide food and fun for his family.

What brought me to the U.S. on Easter? Our live event in Chicago. Architects from around the world came together to share marketing strategies, tell their stories, and sell their niche designs — to get to Sunshine Island, in other words.

Making your way to the top is a journey. We want to see you holding that wad of cash, and to feel great along the way. We want you to know and to feel that you’re not alone.

Community is the driving force for our architects. What makes your world go round?

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