What made Frank Lloyd Wright Famous?

I can’t stop thinking about the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio outside Chicago. As a non-architect, of course I’ve heard of his name a lot. The architecture community reveres him. So, surrounded by our Mastermind group, I asked: What made Frank special? What made Frank Lloyd Wright famous?

Let's figure out his claim to fame. Sure, he was an icon. But why?

He was ahead of his time. He took risks. He wasn't afraid to show the world something new.

That's the recipe for a true visionary.

Shape Your Community

To shape a whole city and the architecture industry, you have to be bold. Walking down the street from his office, it seems half the houses were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

I joked with one of the Masterminders that Frank must have done a flyer drop here because homeowners came knocking on his door to hire him. Maybe that's what made Frank Lloyd Wright famous in the neighborhood.

But selling to your ideal clients happens by much more than a flyer drop. Selling is about power. As the architect, you have to own that power and wield it to your advantage … and ultimately in your client's best interest.

You need to be ‘special’ to earn their trust. You wouldn't have your doctor do your taxes, just as the client shouldn't be leading the design process for their dream home or commercial space.

Am I right?

When the expert is running the project, the end result is better.

So where does the POWER come from in a selling situation?

Own Your Expertise

First, you need to make your services scarce. By that, I mean play a little hard to get. Raise your fees, chase your ideal projects, and the right people will follow.

Most clients assess your power as an architect by comparing you with competitors.

It's human nature to place everyone and everything on a ladder.

Here's how you can rise to the top:

  • Write books and articles.
  • Get interviewed.
  • Give speeches.
  • Get certified in your area of expertise.
  • And again, command higher prices to show your prospects that you must be better than the cheaper option.

Rising to celebrity status is what made Frank Lloyd Wright famous. Powerful clients want to hire powerful architects.

There are a lot of architects, but there's only one Frank Lloyd Wright.

Want to move up the Power Pyramid like he did? Keep climbing: https://archmarketing.org/power-pyramid/

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