How do I get a client’s budget?

how do i get a client's budget

‘I help people with their plans for buildings, but getting their budget is very hard. What can I do? Share your opinion or technique, please,’ writes Bauro Ukitoori, who does design and construction for chapels and churches. Discover the best answer to the question on everyone's minds: How do I get a client's budget?

Hi Bauro,

Here are some options:

1) GUILT. Guilt them into giving you a budget because, if you don’t, then they will waste your time and most likely their own. Give them a story about a potential client who refused to give away his budget and how you both wasted weeks to get to the point of ‘it cannot be done’ after you’d already done all the work.

2) REFUSE. Refuse to do any work without an idea of budget. You are a professional and you don’t, won’t, and can’t work in unprofessional situations.

3) LET THEM CHOOSE. Give them images of five different projects and their costs and ask which project matches theirs most closely. They will choose the one that matches their budget, and you can proceed knowing they are aware of the likely cost.

Try these strategies and let me know how it goes. Learn how to increase your sales performance here.

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