How to Create Marketing Videos for Your Architecture Firm Website


Has your marketing stalled? There's a common reason why and I'm going to put it out there. Being a perfectionist is a real pain when you think about how to create marketing videos for your architecture firm website.

I recorded a video today holding a paper towel and speaking in front of 20 air conditioning units. Maybe it comes across as the opposite of perfectionist, but I feel 100% certain all will be forgiven because the audience needs the information I’m about to share, just like your audience needs what you have to tell them.

Think about this …

You, on the other hand, are probably sitting in your perfectly clean, well-designed office. Architects are visual people, and often perfectionists. And that’s a good thing for your projects.

The only problem with perfectionism … you might make one beautiful video to go on your website. But if you hold it to impossibly high standards, you’ll never record a second one. You’ll never answer any questions from your potential clients or referrals.

You forfeit the opportunity to stay connected with your Circle of Love. Learn how to create marketing videos for your architecture firm website that attract ideal clients.

Win the Design Lottery

Here’s the analogy I want you to think of:

Let’s just say the lottery is on Saturday … and I know the winning numbers. I write them on this napkin with lipstick. It’s smudged. Messy. Ugly.

But I give you the winning numbers. Would you mind if the presentation was terrible but the content was life changing for you?

No, you wouldn’t. In fact, you’d be delighted to get this scrunched up “horrible” piece of paper with the winning numbers for the lotto.

Now. Create one marketing video for your architecture firm.

Same for your clients. I know some of you like to present things perfectly. But the honest answer is people don’t mind if the quality is less than perfect, if the idea is relevant and valuable for them.

When you’re creating content, it should make one good point. Because as an architect, you can literally help a client earn the equivalent of a lottery — maybe even a million dollars if their project is large enough.

The information you have in your head is good enough to make, and save, people a lot of money.

The big picture here: Architects can rescue people. So there’s no reason why your one piece of content, one answer in your video, can’t be as valuable as the contents of at least a small lotto.

Stop thinking you need to make perfect content, you’ll never get anything done. Relevant valuable content that helps people beats perfect presentation.

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