A Tip For Dealing With Difficult Clients

terms and conditions for architectural services

When it comes to working with potential clients, implementing terms and conditions for architectural services is crucial. It's the best way to alleviate headaches. You know what I'm talking about – problems spring up. Changes, complaints about fees and an ongoing list make even the best project a nightmare.

Every architect has a story about a difficult or unreasonable client. It's practically a given … nature of the beast, if you will. You aren't alone. Most in the field have experienced the stress and worry when confronted with these issues, including our architect clients. And I've found a way to help you combat them.

Use terms and conditions for architectural services

In this Part Two of the Texas Takeaway Series, I'm going to answer a client's question:

How can I overcome the challenges that normally arise throughout providing architectural services – before they occur?

These ‘rules of the road' are a written service guideline agreement that comes after the consultation and before the project begins. The agreement outlines how you and your client will work together going forward. It paves the way for a smooth project completion.

To learn how to position yourself with clients in the early phase with terms and conditions for architectural services, watch the video below. Implement and let me know what you think!

Happy Marketing! Here is Part One of the series: Architect Client Consultation- Road To The LCC.

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