How Do Architects Differentiate Services?

how do architects differentiate services

How do architects differentiate services?


A current AMI client asked this question and I wanted to take an opportunity to share it. I hope that it's helpful to you in understanding the mindset it takes to market an architecture firm and, most importantly, maintain your ability to stand out from your competitors.

Learning to differentiate your services (also known as positioning), means a higher number of leads and increased access to better projects at higher fees. One of the biggest barriers to effective marketing is when firm owners don't see their architecture firm as a business, first. Every business should utilize some sort of solid and consistent marketing in order to sustain growth and meet goals.

Can architect's advertise?”

Believe it or not, I still get asked that question.

There are a lot of benefits of implementing a full marketing system, and you have to start somewhere. My recommendation would be to check out the bottom of this post to learn about positioning. There are also other tried and true marketing strategies for your architecture firm that you can implement today to begin gaining traction tomorrow.

It starts here …



Next steps: How architects differentiate services today

Check out the next steps on how to differentiate architecture services, as it goes deeper into the theory of positioning.

Next, you'll be ready to learn how to win more architecture projects after you gain positioning and leads.

Last but not least, learn why it's important to take control now and lead the architect sales process.

Happy Marketing!

-Richard Petrie (AMI Co-Founder and Architect Marketing Coach)


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