Big Idea #2: Selling = ??

Cindy Morimoto - August 1, 2016

My first impression during the first few moments of the video was “Richard can make a video from anywhere at anytime!” So what is keeping our company from making information videos? We are definitely going to work on getting over that hurdle of reluctance.
Though your words are always inspiring, Richard, this time just the act of doing the video inspired me to take action. Thanks!

Richard Petrie - July 30, 2016

Thanks Lorna – easy to try to sell – it’s better to find people who have a specific problem and help them.

Bob Stewart - July 29, 2016

Great points and big smiles!

Lorna - July 29, 2016

I love it. Architecture=Problem solving business. Great concept and mind changing.
The end of the video was super funny!!! Thanks…

Francisca - July 29, 2016

Too funny! Great point. Thanks!

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