Who’s Your Target Audience?

Find out how architects can find the right people to network with in this marketing story …

A lesson from Target also known as ‘Tar-zhay’

A change is always going to come. Lately, I can’t help but notice changes, especially in the U.S.

Hispanics are now the nation’s largest ethnic minority. Millennial parents tend to welcome children’s opinions in adult decisions.

Target stores are following these trends, too.

Rick Gomez pioneers the marketing strategy geared toward urban, millennial Hispanic shoppers. (Bloomberg Businessweek reported that these shoppers’ kids will decide Target’s future!)

Gomez is Target Corporation’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

So part of his job is considering how people think. He targets – pun intended – the typical customer.

Before the recession, minivan moms lovingly called the store ‘Tar-zhay.’ They combined the low prices and the luxurious shopping experience. All in this fun French pronunciation.

But the stores’ mainstream shopper evolved.

Marketing the Buena Vibra clothing line, a commercial features Hispanic men and women dancing to the upbeat song ‘Bailar’ by Mexican American DJ Deorro featuring Elvis Crespo.

The scene ends with the Spanish translation of Expect More, Pay Less (Cuenta con mas, Paga menos).

How architects find the right people to network with

Dear Architect, you, too, are considering your Target audience.

Perhaps your specific client-base will change.

As you find your niche group of clients, understand how your audience thinks. Consider their aspirations, fears, influences and values.

How will you hone in on your pocket of people?

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