Lead Generation For Architects: The Generous George Strategy

understanding client motivation

One of the most important aspects of owning or managing an architecture firm is marketing. If you've heard anything I've taught over the years, I emphasize that an architect's job is to be a marketer of architectural services first. Without the ability to market your services, you'll always struggle to get the fees and projects you deserve. You won't find financial freedom and have the ability to only take the projects you actually want. This depends on your focus on lead generation for architects. (Specifically architects need to because you probably already realize that regular marketing and lead generation doesn't work for architecture firms).

The Generous George lead generation strategy is something I've developed that will meet your objectives and get leads. (It will also enable you to easily give a little something back to your community).

Check out the whole concept in the video below. Remember, lead generation is most effective when you are using more than one (or many) strategies that make up a whole plan. It's never a good idea to rely on just one or two lead generation methods. I've also included a few other lead generation strategies below that are helping to grow our clients' architecture firms all over the world.

Check out a few other strategies in lead generation for architects. They include creating a Monkey's Fist in ten minutes or less, marketing tips for architects that actually make the phone ring and 5 sure-fire ways to get clients now.

Happy Marketing!

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