Sunshine Island Hero of the Month: Cinda Lester

Welcome to Part 7 of the Sunshine Island Hero of the Month series, which highlights the marketing of architect Cinda Lester. We celebrate the way she takes action and gets results — ideal clients and dream projects now land on her doorstep!

Sunshine Island is based on AMI marketing coach Richard Petrie's story about the mythical city of Archville … where architects can live in the Old Quarter, the Artists Quarter, the New Quarter, or Sunshine Island. Architects work hard to reach Sunshine Island where they find financial freedom by consistently securing the best projects and fees. When “living” anywhere else, we find that architects continuously struggle to find clients, are afraid to ask for the fees they deserve and spend a lot of time doing work for free.

At Architect Marketing Institute, we provide the tools to move from where you are now to Sunshine Island. Cinda, here, uses those tools wisely. Let’s find out how she made her way to the paradise where every architect can find success.

This success is all because Cinda now realizes she has TWO jobs:

1)     Marketer of architectural services

2)     Architect

Cinda Lester is this month's Sunshine Island Hero. Check out her extended story HERE as part of our ongoing Firm of Her Own series.

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