Sunshine Island Hero of the Month: Peter Twohy

Welcome to Part 4 of the Sunshine Island Hero of the Month series, which highlights the marketing of architect Peter Twohy. We celebrate the way he takes action and gets results — ideal clients and dream projects now land on his doorstep!

Sunshine Island is based on AMI marketing coach Richard Petrie's story about the mythical city of Archville … where architects can live in the Old Quarter, the Artists Quarter, the New Quarter, or Sunshine Island. Architects work hard to reach Sunshine Island where they find financial freedom by consistently securing the best projects and fees. When “living” anywhere else, we find that architects continuously struggle to find clients, are afraid to ask for the fees they deserve and spend a lot of time doing work for free.

At Architect Marketing Institute, we provide the tools to move from where you are now to Sunshine Island. Peter, here, uses those tools wisely. Let’s find out how he made his way to the paradise where every architect can find success.

Peter Twohy started his own firm to gain control and new opportunities. His first projects were referrals from his previous employer, a group of well-respected residential architects in Baltimore. However, Peter was frustrated because the projects he was winning were not what he wanted to be doing. He said, “I was getting people calling me asking if I felt a porch renovation was something I could do” … not the multi-million dollar homes he wanted.

But because Peter relied on “hope marketing” — waiting for the kinds of clients he really wanted to just show up — it didn’t take long for him to realize “hope marketing” isn’t a good plan.

Peter searched for a solution, and that’s when he discovered a community of architects who market specific niches to find their ideal clients. Initially, Peter doubted these strategies would work for him, but decided that since his other option was not working, he had nothing to lose.

With some reservations, Peter started his training with Richard. When he saw how well other members were achieving, he knew he had to go “all in” and stop holding back.

That’s when Peter made a 180-degree mindset shift … and learned what marketing is really all about.

Marketing is educating, he says. “When I started marketing I used to feel kind of like a used car salesman, but now I feel empowered when I educate people.”

By learning how to communicate his value with the FAB Formula, Peter’s firm, 2e Architects, is doing the kind of work they were originally set up to do — whole house renovations and brand new custom homes. Peter uses educational marketing to stay in touch with his clients, referrers and prospects through newsletters, project updates, design tips and personal stories. By staying in touch, Peter attracts the right clients who have a deep appreciation of good design.

Peter’s firm can now be very selective about the projects he accepts. This has been a transformation for Peter. Clients cannot assume that he will take them on. By only accepting the best projects, everyone is happier, including his clients, staff, and family.

Now, Peter’s website generates 60% of his leads; he comes up at the top of the list in Google searches for Baltimore architects and has been published in numerous magazines. By the beginning of Peter’s second year in the Mastermind program, his monthly billings were up 175%. Last spring, the firm moved to a new office; he describes the experience as a “team effort” between staff, friends, a contractor, and even a client who helped make the beautiful space a reality.

This all means Peter’s family feels financially free to live their lives as they want. “It’s a good time to be a 2e Architect,” he says. “I finally feel fulfilled. This was my dream and now it's happening.”

All because Peter now realizes he has TWO jobs:

1)     Marketer of architectural services

2)     Architect

Peter Twohy is this month's Sunshine Island Hero.

Did you ever see a fellow traveler with a sketchbook? Architect Peter Twohy is that traveler. And what he’s found is that there are so many possibilities of what a dream home can be. Peter received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame in 1988, having also studied in Rome. In 1991, he moved to Germany and learned enough German to work as one of the lead designers of Diniaware Architects in Königstein, for more than two years. Peter then moved to Baltimore and worked for one of the premier residential architects in the area. In 2005, he opened 2e Architects in the Baltimore area to design high-end custom homes. The firm offers something almost no other does: Unlimited 3-D Drawings, and now, Virtual Reality. His firm has been named Top 5, Best Maryland Architects (2018) and Best Of Houzz for both design and service (2014-2018). At the office, he plays guitar for inspiration. He also enjoys doing yoga and traveling to Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Peter and his wife have two children who are getting out into the world to fill their own kinds of sketchbooks.

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