Our Secret Newsletter Formula

What should I write for my architecture firm newsletter?

A question we often get around marketing is: What should I write for my architecture firm newsletter? You're on the right track, because just by asking, you know you need to network with your top prospects.

Are you sitting at your desk surrounded by brilliant drawings and a pile of business cards … and a blinking cursor on a blank screen? I want to help you out.

Here's what you need to do.

Implement the secret formula that I've been using for years: 40-40-20.

40 percent directly relevant (project updates, profiles, stories about your firm and life)

40 semi relevant (feature a topic connected to architecture but not directly related to your firm)

20 non relevant (fun stuff, cartoon, puzzle, funny little stories that have nothing to do with your technical expertise)

In the video above, I discovered a great example at the Apple store in Chicago. Apple geniuses hosted a presentation about photography, a topic SEMI RELATED to their product but they are actually talking about the photos themselves, not the iPhone.

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your important network, referrals, inner circle, and Dirty 30.

Done right… this is the ONLY client attraction strategy you will EVER need.

This strategy is the BEST client attraction strategy you will ever see. Based 100% on common sense. As soon as you hear this strategy you will loudly proclaim ‘Oh my God I cannot believe I never thought of this before – that Richard is a genius.'

You might think newsletters are old fashioned now, but the smartest thing one of my clients did is handwrite and photocopy a letter every month. Monthly letter can be better than a formal newsletter in some cases.

So the recommended way is to send a physical letter by snail mail to your Dirty 30 (only 30!), which are people who are referrers or should be referrers. The idea behind the Dirty 30 letter is to give your top referrers a tangible item to hold in their hands as well as share with others (one of my clients focused on sustainable design send out wildflower seed packets).

Start writing and get creative — you tell stories every day through design for your clients, it's time you do the same for your prospects.

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