How to Make Money in Architecture (Fast)

Architects are asking the wrong question. Too few ask me during our coaching calls: “What can I do to get the fastest results?” Instead, they want to know: “Okay, what’s the next step?” As a business owner, you want to see quick progress preferably with no overhead and not much time invested. In this video, I'll share with you how to make money in architecture — fast.

The way you price and package your services determines the types of clients you attract. Most architects start off pricing too basically. Instead, you should be making multiple offers — low, medium, and high. Actually, 30% of buyers will go for the higher option if it makes any sense at all. 

As long as you’ve got decent deal flow, that is the fastest way to increase everything — your income, satisfaction, and reputation. No overhead, no extra costs. Just find ways to put your prices up. 

Asking an architect, “Can you give me a price for design?” is like asking a surgeon, “Can you give me a price to remove the tumor from my brain?”

What self-respecting surgeon would submit a quote? 

Not one — in fact they’ll rightly be struck off the register.

Just because other architects WILL doesn't mean you should be so silly. 

Agreeing to such practices means you have no power, no control of the process and are reducing yourself to a commodity.

Consider how our brain surgeon would react if you called his office and asked him to submit a quote for your operation by 5pm Friday. 

What if you booked a consultation and outlined to a surgeon your plan for what work you wanted because you had watched a few reality programs and studied brain renovations on the Internet?

The brain surgeon would remind you that he is the expert, not you, and show you to the door.

Why should any self-respecting architect be different?

Your choice is which surgeon to use. 

Once chosen you only get the procedural options the surgeon offers you. Usually, the surgeon frames the options in such a way that you choose the option she wants you to choose.

You may be paying but you are playing their game, with their rules and systems. 

Everything works better that way.

This is how experts operate. You fit into their procedure, not the other way around.

When you fail to close a deal because you were “too expensive” or that the client “can’t afford you” … 80% of these people are lying. DO NOT DROP YOUR FEES. Your fees are seldom the real problem.

In research done on the importance of price in industrial buying decisions people were asked which was more important SERVICE, PRODUCT, or PRICE.

The findings were “It appears that buyers and sellers have a different perspective when categorizing attributes. The sample of buyers in this study clearly indicated that service and product attributes were more important than pricing attributes.”

Buyers rated product and service as the #1 factor. Sellers perceived price as the #1 factor.

Take your competition off the table by offering everything a potential customer needs. Watch this video next to discover the premium pricing secret. 

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